DVD: Encyclopedia of Kettlebell Lifting Vol.2 (US) Steve Cotter

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This 9 hour series on 6 DVDs takes you to a level beyond the basics. With the firm foundation of the basics established in Encyclopedia Series 1, Series 2 takes your kettlebell training to a higher level with extreme lifts for every part of your body.

In Series 2, Steve has taken on the daunting task of expanding upon the most comprehensive kettlebell instructional series ever made. Over 220 new kettlebell techniques are presented in the detailed, in-depth and easily-digestible style that is the hallmark of Steve Cotter DVDs.

Series 2 will show you how to take it to the next step and beyond.

In addition to this wealth of information, follow along through all or part of the grueling 70 minute Steve Cotter Extreme Kettlebell workout!

See the focus, technique and intensity that goes into building world-class strength, power and conditioning.

See the method behind the madness! Experience first-hand how to put together the vast array of Kb techniques presented in the Encyclopedia DVDs into a comprehensive, full-body workout. All the elements of a complete Strength & Conditioning training program seamlessly flow together to give you the most complete workout imaginable: Strength, Speed, Power, Range of Motion, Endurance, Coordination and Balance are all represented in equal parts.

Includes 10 written programs for:

general conditioning,
- core training,
- anaerobic conditioning,
- mobility,
- strength and power and
- quick hands cardio circuit