DVD: Extreme Kettlebell Workout 2 (US) Steve Cotter

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Xtreme Kettlebell Workout II

Steve Cotter's Extreme Kettlebell Workout 2 is here! This is the long awaited follow up to Steve's original Extreme Workout series with all new routines, Kettlebell lifts, warm-ups, cool downs and more! Steve teaches 6 brand new and Extreme follow along workouts that will build the ultimate physique of power, strength and cardio endurance as well as improve dramatically your Kettlebell skills! Steve also includes 4 new and improved warm-up and cool-down routines making these the ultimate in total Kettlebell workouts. The entire Extreme 2 series spans over 3 hours of follow along instruction to help you get lean, mean and Kettlebell strong! Be prepared to sweat, build and improve because this is Steve Cotters most Extreme DVD series to date!

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