DVD: Loaded Stretching with Pavel (US) Pavel Tsatsouline

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Can you easily and instantly turn yourself into a coiled steel spring — ready to burst into action and leap past your previous athletic best?

Or are you more like an overstretched rubber band — no longer capable of suddenly generating performance-busting power?

Now, for the first time in the West, Russian strength master Pavel Tsatsouline reveals the Soviet secret of Loaded Stretching — guaranteed within MINUTES of its application to have you:

- Pulling heavier
- Squatting more
- Jumping higher
- Kicking and punching harder
- Phrowing farther
- Pressing bigger!

In the glory days of the Soviet empire a team of researchers lead by weightlifting world champion A. Vorobyev devised a special instant strength technique. Immediately after its application experienced lifters pulled their barbells more than two inches higher! Further research determined that the unique Loaded Stretching (LS) technique — unlike any other type of stretching you have seen — not only increased immediate performance but also delivered long term strength gains.

Finally, you too can take advantage of this powerful technique — and watch your athletic performance soar to new heights. Take the Loaded Stretching challenge today: perform the exact LS technique Pavel specifies for your chosen strength-skill — and see immediate, measurable gains… be it deadlift, squat, vertical jump, kicks, throws or presses.

Loaded Stretching:

"It's not about flexibility. It's about STRENGTH!"