DVD: Mastering the Pistol (US) Steve Cotter

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Mastering the Pistol

DVD by Steve Cotter
1 DVD- Running Time 75 minutes

In this new and exciting DVD, Steve Cotter teaches you how to master one of the most difficult techniques known in strength and conditioning, the Pistol! This incredible feat of strength and flexibility is the ultimate display of an individual s mastery over their own body. For most, a full body weight Pistol is so difficult that many are unable to do even one full rep. In Mastering the Pistol, Steve Cotter has designed a program that will allow virtually anyone, regardless of their current fitness level, to learn the secrets of how to perform this amazing technique. Steve breaks the training regimen down into multiple segments: balance, flexibility and strength. He has also developed three separate levels of workouts that you can perform to create the power and flexibility needed. These workouts are specifically designed to enable you to eventually reach a full Pistol because each workout progressively gets more difficult. By the time you complete all three levels of workouts, you are ready to Master the Pistol! As an added bonus, Steve has also included some extremely advanced Pistols, such as weighted and Russian Pistols, for the true diehards that are always looking to push themselves to the limit!