DVD: Ultimate Hero (US) Steve Maxwell

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Let Steve Maxwell hammer you into to supreme condition with Shihan Extremes new Ultimate Hero DVD series! Combining ancient and modern methods of strength and conditioning, Steve creates 2 new powerful workouts to get you ripped, lean and mean! The Thor and Epic workouts utilize Kettlebells, Sledgehammers and bodyweight exercises in a unique metabolic training system that is guaranteed to create results! For both the Thor and Epic workouts, Steve gives you his world class instruction for all the exercises in a separate DVD menu. This way you can learn the proper way to perform each exercise before you even begin doing the workouts. Steve does not stop there and also includes an equipment overview, proper technique discussion and a specialized warm-up for both workouts!

Try these workouts and see why combining Sledgehammer swings with Kettlebells is the hot new training method for extreme athletes! This is the DVD set you need to own for top physical conditioning and is another Shihan exclusive!