DVD: Whole Body Hypertrophy (US) Scott Abel

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See how to build muscle even at home;
witness Abel's famous Dungeon Training. 

Witness Natural and Professional bodybuilder, Kevin, be put through these MET workouts by its creator; and see and hear Athlete/Coach connection in real terms.

Watch the motivational techniques of the top trainer in the business as he puts an advanced Professional Athlete through the same workouts you can do at home.

Learn why the gym can actually be a training limiting environment rather than a goal-oriented environment.
Discover how to build your own home gym with minimal space, equipment and costs.
Learn the benefits of whole body MET training for putting on real world muscle.
Witness high intensity training applied in inspiring and impressive applications.
Learn new and challenging moves, exercises and combinations to put the body into high gear for adaptive response.

Learn how to mix and match schemes for short term and long term applications. This program and the more than 13 different whole body hypertrophy workout applications could serve you for more than a year of training.

Witness the intensity of properly applied bi-plex workouts to create on-going program results and an adapting body rather than an adapted one.

Enjoy a revving metabolism, cardio benefits and fat loss as well as the muscle building effects of this unique application of MET.

Understand some of the biggest training myths in the bodybuilding world today. Yes, you CAN hit a muscle group multiple times per week with the proper program design.

See the kind of whole body training that can actually get you stage ready if you choose.
Listen and learn as Scott motivates, instructs and teaches you by training Kevin through this ultimate program.
With each DVD set, receive a written program with beginner, intermediate and advanced periodization schemes.
This whole body program is one you absolutely have to have in your collection if you are serious about results.