DVD: Women´s Total Body Power Program (US) Sandbag/DVRT

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Women rarely have programs designed for their needs in fitness programs. Not in our "Women's Total Power Program"! This is NOT a water downed version of our Ultimate Sandbag Training Programs. Rather, we have recruited two top female coaches to design and take you through fitness programs that solve creating exciting training programs that maximize fat loss training, functional strength training, and core stability.

"The Ultimate Sandbag™ has added a whole different stimulus to our clients training by engaging new muscles and burning more calories than before. Getting our clients bodies to change is always done by putting a stimulus on them that they are not used to. The Ultimate Sandbag ™has made doing that much easier because no one is used to lifting a sand bag. Using the Ultimate Sandbag™ in your training with your clients, and yourself, is something that you have to experience for yourself before you believe how dramatically useful it is and effective it is especially for boosting the metabolism and what I call creating more "bang for your buck" with any exercise - you get to work a lot of muscles at once. Putting new demands in your training with the Ultimate Sandbag™ system will lead to better results. The biggest advantage with the Ultimate Sandbag™ is the "Bang for your Buck"! You can do more with one exercise by using a sand bag.I absolutely recommend the Ultimate Sandbag™ System! - RACHEL COSGROVE, CONTRIBUTOR TO WOMEN'S HEALTH MAGAZINE